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Please keep in mind we offer paid digital services also, such as Invitations and Blogger grounds!
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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Custom services by our designers

What we offer
- Custom Invitations
- Custom Announcements
- Custom Blog backgrounds and headers
- Custom MySpace layouts
- Custom Logo's
- Custom Business Cards
- Custom postcards
- Advertisements for your business
- Any digital graphic or design needed could be done.

All items are digital and final product will be sent to you upon your approval and receipt of payment for you to print out as you please.

How do I order and prin
Head over to the forum and sign up if your not already. It's FREE to sign up! Choose a designer and post your request in our "Paid" area with their name in the title of your post.
If you do not specify a designer, one will fill your request at random. Just give us your photo's (if you are including any), tell us what you'd like to see and we'll make it for you! Once you approve it, we'll email you the original copy and you can print it locally at any Walgreens, Target, Walmart, Kinkos... etc. and mail it off! Easy! We like to suggest you have ONE printed and look at it before printing all your copies. This way if something needs adjusting you can fix it without having to reprint all your copies again.

How do I see what the designers have created?
You can view samples of the designers work by clicking their name in the Designer Gallery in our forum. You can also view a slide show of a few samples on the left sidebar of our blog, but you will get more updated versions of what the designers have created by viewing their gallery in our forum.

How much does it cost?
This is a general price list for our items... but you can contact a designer for any other questions or prices you may need that are not listed below.

$10 for 3.5x5 prints
$15 for 4x6 prints
$20 for 5x7 prints
$25 for 8x10 prints[/b]
$10-$25 for Logo design (depends on complexity)
$10-$25 for 2" x 3.5" Business Card design (depends on complexity)

* Blog headers $5.00
* Blogger Grounds - $10.00
* Create & help setup buttons at the top/side of your blog for
"Contact, Home, About Us, Follow Us"...etc - $15.00
* 1 Blinkie to advertise your blog.... FREE
* 1 Signature to sign your posts.... FREE

(Prices depend on how much you need the designer to do for you)
* MySpace Layout - $10.00 - $30.00
* Proboards Layout - $10.00 - $30.00


$10.00 Non Animated
$15.00 Animated

How do I pay?
Each designer accepts PayPal for payments. Any other form of payment would have to be approved by the designer of your choice.
Each designer has a "donation" button in their signature in our forum that you can click to pay them directly through paypal.

What if I want to use a print that has already been created?
Check with the designer because there may be a discounted price for substituting your information and photo's in a layout that has already been created. Sometimes this is not possible though if a layout no longer exists on file, but it can't hurt to ask!

Custom prints are a great way to get exactly what you want on your personalized cards! Our designers are great to work with and can give you exactly what your looking for.

Designers may use your request to show their abilities and it could be posted for others to see as reference on here or other online forums. However, all personal information will be deleted for privacy. If you don't want your finished product with your photo's used for samples, please let the designer your working with know.

Hope to see you in our forum soon!

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